Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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PURCOR Pest Solutions can provide the following pest control and home services:

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*Some services are only available in certain states. Please call our pest control experts for more information.

PURCOR Pest Solutions is one of the fastest-growing pest control companies in the United States. We comprise some of the most trusted pest control brands in the United States. Now, as part of PURCOR, our pest professionals are equipped to offer you better protection and service than ever before.

At PURCOR, we are equipped with the most effective and recently developed pest control practices and products. Our specialists are well-educated regarding the habits, food preferences, life cycles, and harborage areas of all the pests they treat. They are licensed professionals with the tools, products, and application knowledge to solve your toughest pest problems.

Household remedies and DIY methods of pest control—while tempting—often prove ineffective and can cost you more time and money down the road if the infestation worsens. Even potent sprays usually require direct contact with the pest to actually work. If you’re seeking non-toxic ways to deal with an infestation, our professionals can educate you on pest control measures such as habitat modification, growth regulators, proper use of baits, and exclusion techniques.

Spray products are often less effective than baits, as most sprays require direct contact with the bug to work. When baits are employed, the insect or pest will take it back to their nest and spread the poisonous residue throughout the colony, killing them efficiently.

The timing is based on two factors: the type of pest and the technique used to treat the pest problem. We have a service agreement with quarterly visits included that ensures all pests are controlled and kept out of your home. If they return, we also return to handle the problem at no additional cost.

With a program focused on routine maintenance of your home or business, PURCOR is uniquely prepared to deal with your pest issues and prevent them before they happen. Without regular services, it can be impossible to tell if the structure is rid of pests for good. Especially if you manage a commercial building, damage to your business—reputational, structural, or financial—due to a pest infestation isn’t something to risk. Quarterly professional treatments can provide peace of mind wherever you live or work.