Bees (Anthophila)

Treatments for this pest are included in these services:

phoenix pest control – bees

Bee Swarms or Hives should be removed, LIVE if possible, when they pose a health & safety risk. Bees in the Phoenix Valley often start new hives in places that pose a health risk to people close by.

When a bee colony has started to make a hive or has established a hive on your property, then it is time for Professional Bee Removal. The hive and honey must be completely removed, and the area sealed, to guarantee against future re-infestation or infestation of other pests.

Bees are extremely important to us… Without them, we could starve, and would not have tomatoes, grapes, blueberries, cocoa, cranberries, vanilla, eggplant, sesame, melons, squash, and many other foods! We recommend instead of Pest Control, you contact The BeeMan for LIVE Bee Removal in Phoenix & surrounding areas. They’ll COLLECT swarms or hives to allow for future pollination.

We do not recommend trying to remove Bees on your own! Did you know Honeybees are more dangerous than Arizona SCORPIONS and snakes? Bees kill more people each year than all the poisonous snakes combined.

  • Check your property regularly for bee hives. Check water meter boxes, irrigation boxes, BBQ’s, trash cans, trees, and bushes.
  • Keep children and pets inside while doing landscape maintenance. ( undiscovered Bee Hives are often irritated & provoked at this time.)
  • Keep Still if you discover a bee hive close by. Bees are more likely to attach a moving object than a stationary one.
  • DO NOT: Destroy, Remove, or Exterminate a hive on your own! Attempting Bee Control without proper training & equipment has led to serious INJURY and DEATH.

what to do if attacked

1. RUN… Run away as fast as you can. (Don’t try to brush or shoo away bees as this irritates the more.)

2. While Running as fast as you can, try to cover your head. Bees target your head and eyes.

3. Get INSIDE the closest car or home! If bees get into the car with you, drive a quarter mile or so, and then let them out. (They’ll go back to the hive.) Inside homes, Bees get disoriented, and they go to windows. If the house is cool, Bees will drop off you.